Divorce and Dissolution

Posted on Mar 28, 2016 |

Divorce and Dissolution

Dissolution is a “no-fault”, proceeding to legally end a marriage. The dissolution procedure provides the same legal effect as a divorce – in that the marital relationship is terminated. It avoids conflict and confrontation, and is usually much quicker. In order to use the dissolution procedures, the spouses have to reach agreement on all relevant issues such as division of property, allocation of marital debt, and allocation of parental rights and responsibilities. Parties usually negotiate through their attorneys to reach a mutual agreement that is then submitted to the court for final approval and legal termination of the marriage.

Divorce is the other legal proceeding to legally end a marriage. In order to obtain a divorce, one party must allege that his or her spouse has been “at fault” under one of the statutory grounds. Fault grounds are legally “acceptable” reasons why one spouse decides to bring the other to court to ask for a divorce. These fault grounds, by Ohio law, include adultery, willful absence for more than one year, extreme cruelty, habitual drunkenness, gross neglect of duty, fraudulent contract, imprisonment in a state or federal penal institution, and procuring a divorce outside this state if the Ohio spouse is still bound to the marriage. In Ohio, there are no jury divorce trials. Divorce cases are either settled by agreement of the parties or tried before a trial judge or magistrate. If a case is settled, the agreement becomes the court’s order.

If you are considering separation or terminating your marriage, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss all of your options and answer any questions that you may have.

Our firm’s goal is to help you fully understand your rights, what to expect from the process of filing for divorce or dissolution.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether divorce or dissolution is right for you, our firm can provide all the necessary information needed to make the right decision for your specific situation.

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